Real Massage

Traditional Thai Massage
Techniques of: Traditional Thai massage is the most effective and comprehensive patern to energize and strengthen the body. It promotes the flow of energy. The pressure of deep massage wil relax and release the adhesion of the fascia and allow the energy to flow freely. Some people can be very stiff while others are flexible. the important thing is to recognize what degree the pressure can be applied. Massage can affect people differently. Some people are more benefits than others. Some find that deep pressure creates discomfort and a great deal of pain.
Swedish Massage

Our techniques start pressure very gently and avoid injury to our clients.
Thai Massage provided in two main style or two genres
A. Chaleuysak Massage.
A native massage, the knowledge of which was passed down from one generation to generation. This massage has evolved to provide a variety of techniques and body positions. The four main positions are: supine position (lying on the back); side position (lying on the side); prone position (lying on the stomach of facing down), and sitting position.
B. Rajchasamnak Massage
This is a style modified for use at the ancient royal court by the royal phisician. thais knowledge to the next. The massage is more deferential, gentle, delicate, and precise. The “Rajchasamnak Massage” has only three positions: supine position (lying one the back); side position (lying on the side), and sitting position.